Goodbyes and Welcomes

Goodbye, Sandra! She left to Germany but she will be back in 4 weeks. We wish her a safe journey and a pleasant stay in her home country.

Welcome back, Sofi! After a month in England, Sofi and her family are back home – the whole team is very happy about that.

Goodbye, MaKhumalo – Welcome, Thokozile! Unfortunately, our Baby Day Care lady MaKhumalo had to leave us due to health reasons. But we are pleased to have Thokozile with us now.

Last but not least – Congratulations, Sindy! She passed her exams and is now an officially approved nurse. Well done!

BY anne diessner


Goodbye, Peter!

Every year, the Isibani team welcomes Peter, who comes from Belgium for the month of July to help out wherever help is needed at the Centre and within the projects.

Today morning, he left Winterton and we wish him a good journey back home to Belgium!

We are grateful for all the support and we are looking forward to next year when he comes back!

Hamba Kahle!

the farewell party for Peter

 BY Sandile Mzolo

Blanket Donation

IMG_0063 IMG_0064

For Mandela Day, which is celebrated each 18th July, knitting groups around South Africa created these beautiful blankets for our children at the Place of Safety!

Thanks for this great contribution to our project!

Mandela Day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, the ability to make an impact.

The Mandela Day campaign message is:

“Nelson Mandela has fought for social justice for 67 years. We’re asking you to start with 67 minutes. We would be honoured if such a day can serve to bring together people around the world to fight poverty and promote peace and reconciliation,” according to a statement issued on Mandela’s behalf.

What’s your contribution for your Community for 67 minutes?


Sad story with a small happy ending

Last week, a lady came to Isibani looking for help because her house was burned down by a fire. All her belongings burned in the fire: her children’s uniforms, her clothes, blankets, pots and everything that was in her house. She went to the municipality but unfortunately she didn’t get help.

She remembered that she could come to Isibani and ask for help. So she reported her problem and as we are listening to people’s needs we responded immediately to the crisis. We gave her clothes, kitchen utensils, pots and blankets. She left with a smile and she was crying tears of joy after we also gave her a food parcel.

In winter the winds are very strong and people are also burning fire breaks in case a fire lights. The breaks will stop the fires to get too big and get to areas where they should not get to. But even when people burn fire breaks some fires can still get out of hand due to the heavy winds here in winter.

by Sandile Mzolo

Last week

Usually on Mondays we have a medication day. The pharmacists from Emmaus hospital come to Isibani and with the help of our volunteers we give out ARV and other chronic medication to our clients.
Last week about 230 people collected their treatment at Isibani.

On Tuesday, the Place of Safety children went for a trip to the Reptile Centre in the Berg. We hired a bus so we could all travel together and off we went to see the animals. Some of us did not like the thought of holding a snake or a spider but others really enjoyed patting the creatures!  Our house mums were not really excited about the snakes which the children could wrap around their necks.

Sadly, we cannot show any pictures of that trip because we have to protect the children’s identity whilst they are in our care at the Place of Safety.

Sindi went to see a client that she has being taking care of for a while. Recently she was not doing so well and was admitted to hospital. Several times Sindi went back to her house trying to find her with no success. Eventually, this lady came to Isibani to report that she is doing much better and that she is now able to walk independently again.

On Thursday, the whole team had a first aid session and we shared our knowledge about how to treat burns and rescue someone in a fire situation without bringing any harm to ourselves. We also spoke about how to stabilise a patient and what to do in a car accident.

In June, we offered a ten days trauma counselling training for team members who are involved in the community and also for other selected community members. The training was held by the LifeLine Organisation. On Friday, the trainer came to Isibani to hand out the certificates to the participants. The training finished with a test to assess participants knowledge of what they had learned.. The LifeLine trainer was very excited to announce that from all the trainings she had given before the Isibani participants had the best results in their tests. Congratulations to all of you!!


Thursday in Black

Thursday in Black

Wearing black clothes is a sign of mourning in many cultures. But it is also the sign of a movement: People all over the world are wearing black on Thursdays to protest against rape and violence. According to the official web page (Thursdays in Black), the history goes back to the 1970s where women in the military dictatorship of Argentina started wearing black as a form of silent protest. Since then, the movement started in many countries. “In South Africa the campaign was launched by the Diakonia Council of Churches during the 16 Days of Activism Campaign at the end of 2008, as an ongoing drive to raise awareness and encourage people to work towards a world without rape and violence against women and children.”, so the website says.

Due to the fact that Isibani runs projects concerning child abuse awareness we as a team liked the idea of this movement. When many people are wearing black others will start asking for the reason. We found it a good way to gain attention and make people more aware of problems like rape and domestic violence. So today, most of the staff members decided to take part in the movement and came to work in full black.


Holiday Club in July

4 days with lots of fun – the kids enjoyed the Holiday Club last week. From Tuesday to Thursday, we started with singing and a game before breakfast. Divided into age groups, the children went to the different activities: There were Arts and Crafts, where they could colour and decorate butterflies, paint stones, make a picture with stamps or just draw something. Moreover, we had Sunday School where they heard stories about Jesus and a drama workshop with a little bit of acting which the kids really liked. We also offered singing, dancing and playing games. At about 1pm, we ended with lunch that the kitchen team had prepared. We were only able to provide two meals per day because we were supported by the local supermarket, Desai, and other donors what we really appreciate: Thank you!

There were not as many children as usual; only 30 to 50 per day but nevertheless everyone had a good time. Many volunteers helped every day either as a group or an activity leader and enjoyed the time with the kids. Thank you to everyone because without the helpers the Holiday Club could not happen!

On Friday, we had a party to give the kids the chance to show what they did the days before. We played a game together, sang and danced. A nice end for a great week!

We hope to see the children and helpers again in December when the next Holiday Club will take place.

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