Holiday Club in July

4 days with lots of fun – the kids enjoyed the Holiday Club last week. From Tuesday to Thursday, we started with singing and a game before breakfast. Divided into age groups, the children went to the different activities: There were Arts and Crafts, where they could colour and decorate butterflies, paint stones, make a picture with stamps or just draw something. Moreover, we had Sunday School where they heard stories about Jesus and a drama workshop with a little bit of acting which the kids really liked. We also offered singing, dancing and playing games. At about 1pm, we ended with lunch that the kitchen team had prepared. We were only able to provide two meals per day because we were supported by the local supermarket, Desai, and other donors what we really appreciate: Thank you!

There were not as many children as usual; only 30 to 50 per day but nevertheless everyone had a good time. Many volunteers helped every day either as a group or an activity leader and enjoyed the time with the kids. Thank you to everyone because without the helpers the Holiday Club could not happen!

On Friday, we had a party to give the kids the chance to show what they did the days before. We played a game together, sang and danced. A nice end for a great week!

We hope to see the children and helpers again in December when the next Holiday Club will take place.

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