Thursday in Black

Thursday in Black

Wearing black clothes is a sign of mourning in many cultures. But it is also the sign of a movement: People all over the world are wearing black on Thursdays to protest against rape and violence. According to the official web page (Thursdays in Black), the history goes back to the 1970s where women in the military dictatorship of Argentina started wearing black as a form of silent protest. Since then, the movement started in many countries. “In South Africa the campaign was launched by the Diakonia Council of Churches during the 16 Days of Activism Campaign at the end of 2008, as an ongoing drive to raise awareness and encourage people to work towards a world without rape and violence against women and children.”, so the website says.

Due to the fact that Isibani runs projects concerning child abuse awareness we as a team liked the idea of this movement. When many people are wearing black others will start asking for the reason. We found it a good way to gain attention and make people more aware of problems like rape and domestic violence. So today, most of the staff members decided to take part in the movement and came to work in full black.



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