Sad story with a small happy ending

Last week, a lady came to Isibani looking for help because her house was burned down by a fire. All her belongings burned in the fire: her children’s uniforms, her clothes, blankets, pots and everything that was in her house. She went to the municipality but unfortunately she didn’t get help.

She remembered that she could come to Isibani and ask for help. So she reported her problem and as we are listening to people’s needs we responded immediately to the crisis. We gave her clothes, kitchen utensils, pots and blankets. She left with a smile and she was crying tears of joy after we also gave her a food parcel.

In winter the winds are very strong and people are also burning fire breaks in case a fire lights. The breaks will stop the fires to get too big and get to areas where they should not get to. But even when people burn fire breaks some fires can still get out of hand due to the heavy winds here in winter.

by Sandile Mzolo


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