Goodbye, Peter!

Every year, the Isibani team welcomes Peter, who comes from Belgium for the month of July to help out wherever help is needed at the Centre and within the projects.

Today morning, he left Winterton and we wish him a good journey back home to Belgium!

We are grateful for all the support and we are looking forward to next year when he comes back!

Hamba Kahle!

the farewell party for Peter

 BY Sandile Mzolo


1 thought on “Goodbye, Peter!

  1. dear all
    it was again a great experience for me to be with you all.
    I try to do whatever I can to support Isibani as godfather off the NPO Tomorrow4Isibani in Belgium.
    I will try to come back every year to help with whatever I can.
    I know it is only for a few weeks that I am amongst you but I hope for the future that I will be able to stay longer.
    God bless you all

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