Words of farewell from Anne and Freya

Are 12 months a long time? Sometimes, you can’t wait and time goes slowly. Sometimes, you want to keep a moment forever but then it is over with a blink. For us, as we were volunteers at Isibani and the Place of Safety for a year, time had different faces. But now, back in Germany, we are wondering: “How could the time pass by so quickly?”

We remember our first day in South Africa as it has been yesterday, how it felt to be thrown in at the deep end: In a country where we don’t know anyone, with people who speak different languages, with work we never did before. And suddenly, there is a farewell and we think that we don’t want to leave this place.

We learned so much and we really liked our work – it is so great to be a part of Isibani: you can work with an amazing team and you are free to realize own ideas, own projects. Now, when we look back, we see the results of our work. Because we received so much we hope that we could give a little bit back to Isibani and Isiphephelo.

There is nothing that can ever take away the experiences and memories we got in South Africa and we are very grateful for that. We will keep the lovely people who crossed our lives in our hearts and won’t ever forget this great time. Thank you to the Isibani volunteers who were there to support us – it was great to be a part of this wonderful team. We are missing South Africa already and surely, we will come back one day. Hopefully, time is going fast.

Thank you! Siyabonga! Danke!

Lots of love, Anne and Freya

by anne diessner


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