Winterton Primary Visit

Last week on Friday the Grade 3’s of the Winterton Primary School came to visit the Crèche children at our Community Centre. They came to sing songs for the kids and to bring presents. Every child got a gift bag with things like sweets, fruits, a face cloth, soap and self-made masks as well as a necklace created by the pupils of the primary school. All the Crèche children were very happy to get these gift bags and to play with the older children on the jungle gym.

The little children also sang some songs to say thank you to the visitors.
The Isibani team wants to say thank you as well for coming and bringing presents. It was great to have you here!


New people

Many new things happened in the last few weeks at Isibani but first of all we would like to welcome some new people at Isibani:

Nora and Julia, the two new German volunteers arrived and will be with us for the next year, working at Isibani and the Place of Safety. Soon, we will post their profiles on our wepage so you can learn more about them..

Sandra came back from her visit in Germany.

A group of 11 young people from Germany are visiting Winterton at the moment and they will also be helping at the Community Centre for the next weeks with a few projects. For those who speak German you can follow them on their blog.

On Sunday, John from Australia arrived. He is here for a two week visit.

We are looking forward to lots of new ideas and hoping each of you will enjoy the Isibani Family!!