Heritage Month, Birthdays and Welcoming Summer

On the 24th of September South Africa celebrated Heritage Day. But in fact the whole month was a heritage month for most of the people. Everywhere you could see people walking around in their traditional dresses and also the Isibani team on some days.


Yesterday we also celebrated Buyis Birthday. Julia made a cake, which the team finished in seconds! Happy Birthday Buyi!


The summer is coming to Winterton. In the last few days we had the first big rains since April, the temperature is rising and the beautiful landscape of the Drakensberg is starting to turn green again.

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Visitors from Germany

As previously reported, we had a group of 11 young people from Germany visiting Isibani for a few weeks. Within this time they helped transforming our kitchen to a beautiful “lounge-meeting” room and set up a smaller kitchen in the old pantry.

We did not expect that they could achieve so much in such a short time and that the room could be transformed so beautifully. Now we can use this room for our breakfast group children who come in every day for a breakfast and a group session. These children do not go to school at the moment. They live in difficult / neglectful home situations, they sleep wherever they find space – either at home or elsewhere and during the day they hang around the shops asking for food and money to buy glue to sniff.

With this Programme we try to connect with those children, give them a place of refuge and love and help them to go back to school.  Some of the children even worked with the German group as they cleaned, painted, tidied and organised.  It was so great to see them taking an interest in the kitchen renovation and just goes to show that a lot of the time all they really want is people to care and to spend time with.

The German group also helped sorting out donations in the charity shop, they helped out on clinic days and cleaned our top storage building (wow!!), they set up a new store room for Matthew 25 and fixed all sorts of small things at Isibani and the place of safety where maintenance was needed.

Huge thanks to the group whod made this possible and for being part of Isibani