Isibani Crèche? Khethani Crèche? Any Crèche?

Our Volunteer, Julia, has been working on a daily basis with the old Isibani Creche, now Khethani Creche…. or any name Creche…..

We would like to share some feelings, changes and emotions Julia had around the Creche changes and how we are involved now:

It was on a Tuesday, when I get to know, that the Isibani Crèche will close. I was really shocked, sad and I was fearful of what will happen now.
After my first shock I was speaking a lot with nearly everybody about the advantages and the disadvantages. A few days later and especially when I was thinking about all the chances for the Community, I was quite happy. It was a big decision that Isibani was making by closing our “Isibani Crèche”, but it was a new beginning for the community.
We had parents meetings to explain why we are closing our Crèche and why we want to give the Crèche back to the community. They can run a Crèche on their own and we are really happy to help them to build up a new Crèche.

The last day of our Isibani Crèche was the 12.12.2014. Our Crèche was closing and will not open again!

In January 2015, when Isibani opened the gate again, there was no Crèche anymore. I really missed going to the Crèche, playing with the Kids and making teaching lessons there.

We got some great news during the second week of January, a new Crèche opened!

I was really happy when I got this great news. I went there the same day. I wanted to see the new Crèche, see the children and find out exactly where it is. Sofi was warning me before, that it’s not too nice and there is still a hole in the floor and so on.

As I look at it now, the Crèche is not looking horrible, it is a nice place but in the first moment I was shocked. Shocked that there was nothing; no mattress, no chairs, no tables, no toys and I think nearly everything was missing.
Isibani said they really want to help new Crèches, to support them with things we already have and don’t use any more.

The next day I went with some soft toys but not with tables or chairs. You may ask why? The reason was to allow the new crèche to organise some things on their own. We sat together and made a plan; what they really need, what they can organize for themselves and where they maybe need help.
After only two days they had already fixed the big hole in the floor, they organized a curtain to separate the Crèche from the Baby Day Care. I was really happy about everything they managed on their own and especially because it didn’t need too much time.

Maybe it’s not the prettiest place (..yet), maybe we don’t have that many toys but do you know what? It doesn’t matter, because having all these material things doesn’t make the children happy. No! They need the love of a person. I can say, when I see those Gogo’s working with the children, then my heart starts smiling and I think, every heart is doing it like this. They really love the children and for me, it is the main thing, what you need your whole life long: LOVE.



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