Isibani and Matthew 25

We have been busy over the Christmas period with renovations to our new site as Isibani also transitions into the new year and a new season.

You will have read in previous updates that we are moving into Khetani to be closer to the community we serve and to be more accessible to those in need, the renovations are going well and we expect to be in our new site very soon.

Together with Matthew 25 we are delivering pre-cooked meals to those in need In Khetani; we deliver to people’s homes so are able to pray with them and walk with them as they navigate life’s challenges. Through these regular home visits, twice weekly, we are able to monitor our clients and ensure they are receiving help appropriate to their current need. Logistically we are not able to visit the farms so often so families living outside of Khetani still receive maize meal plus supplementary food parcels.

We work closely with SAPS and are often invited to accompany them to homes where there have been reports of abuse, this ensures that the victims receive suitable counselling from the outset and we are grateful to SAPS for allowing us to assist them in this area.

We hope in 2016 we can continue to build relationships built on trust and that we can offer care and practical support to those in need. Please continue to pray for everyone involved in this ministry.


Isiphephelo Place of Safety Update

wton news update_photo

On behalf of Isiphephelo, both children and staff, we would like to thank the local Winton community and all our overseas friends for their support of the place of safety throughout 2015. Thank you in particular to those of you who brought Christmas gifts and for making Christmas a very special time for our children (despite having an outbreak of mumps).

We admitted 28 new children during 2015, of these children 9 were able to be re-united with family members, 8 were placed in children’s homes and 11 are still with us as we start 2016. 2015 was an awesome year, full of God’s grace and provision, we continue to learn so much as we grow together as a team and care for the children placed in our care.

There are so many people to thank, people that make our work possible: our loyal staff, volunteers and board members, SAPS, the Winterton Community who help us in so many ways from grass cutting, homework support, sorting and packing clothes, Sunday school lessons to donations of food and clothing. Thank you, we really do appreciate everything you do, however big or small.

Over the past year we have seen children grow and mature, we have seen their personalities develop, we have laughed, we have cried , we have loved and we have being loved and we look forward to 2016 with anticipation of what God has in store for us next ..