Isiphephelo/Isibani …. Whats new?

We have great news, Zanele Mchunu, previously of World Vision, Bergville has recently joined our team. Since starting in July she has taken over the management of the organization, Zanele comes with lots of experience and knowledge in terms of community development and she is taking the organization to a new level in order to help us better support our community.

You will no doubt have noticed that the new Community Hall is now open and operational, it is an huge space and such a blessing. The Mobile clinic has now moved its services across and the new space enables the health services to be much better organized. Services are able to be delivered more effectively and efficiently by making use of all the extra facilities and space.

The Dept of Health are in the midst of handing over the distribution of all chronic medication to a private company that will make the pickup of medications more efficient and ideally available from locations closer to the patients home.

Isibani’s role has always been to bridge the gap between what the community needs and what the government is offering, this now means that we can now focus our attention now on the social issues and the long term sustainable projects that will uplift this community.

As we mentioned in an earlier article the Old Celimfundo / Isibani site (better known as the yellow buildings opposite the turn to Cathedral Peak and Emmaus owned by NG Kerk Winterton) is again being used by Celimfundo primary school. The site is able to offer another 9 classrooms to the school whose current site otherwise caters for more than a 1200 students in 15 classrooms. This is still in transition.

This now leaves us with two main sites, Isiphephelo Place of Safety in Mayors walk and our new welfare site in Khetani township, known as Ekukhanyeni. Our welfare site runs a weekday soup kitchen and is the base for Matthew 25 food distribution, trainings, workshops, welfare and awareness programmes.

Other news is that Sofi, the founder and until recently the manager of Isibani and Isiphephelo is leaving us for a new adventure. After many years of service Sofi and her family are taking a couple of years out to live, work and for Doong and Miya, attend school in the UK. We wish her all the best and hope she remembers to pack her rainwear !!

As an organization we would like to thank you all once again for the support we receive from the community and churches. Thank you for your prayers, gifts, donations and acts of service, it truly is a community owned organization.


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