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Khethani (meaning place of choice in Zulu) is a resettlement township with a population of approximately 10000 (estimated by Isibani Community Centre). It is part of the Winterton Community. According to population density studies, Khethani has the highest density of people living anywhere in the Okhlahamba region (Central Drankensberg). Due to the ad hock nature of development and poor planning there is very little developed infrastructure in the way of tarred roads and sanitation with most but not all houses having access to water and electricity. Houses are one-roomed dwellings made of cement block and tin roofs set on small holdings of land, that sit side by side.


Unemployment is high with the average household depending on government grants consisting of child support grants (R320 per month) pensions (old age pension) for those over 60 years of age about R1300 or disability grants for those who are disabled R1300. In many instances one government grant must support the whole household.

The incidence of HIV / Aids in Khethani is estimated (by Isibani Community Centre) at 70% of the population and is adding enormously to the levels of poverty, and the breakdown of the family. Many households are headed by grandparents, where the only caregiver is over the age of 60, or by children themselves where there are no longer any adults left within that family unit. These children are vulnerable, and become victims of crime, rape and abuse by a society that no longer recognises traditional morals and values.


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