Special Needs / CP Day

Many patients with special needs or disabilities spend their entire life at home as they either do not know that services exist or do not know how to access those services. Through our work in the community and regular home visits we often come across these patients and are able to help them in receiving therapy.

Once a month we host therapists from the local hospital who provide Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Audiology treatments and assessments. We offer transport for patients who are not able to come on their own, we are also able to assist these patients with hospital referral appointments which often involve being measured for or picking up prosthetic limbs.

There is a special program for children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy (CP), a type of brain damage that causes physical and mental disabilities in different degrees of severity. We have a volunteer therapist who comes monthly to treat the children and to show parents or guardians exercises to improve the child’ skills.

For children who are old enough and where appropriate we assist in placing them in a special school.

The CP group is the place where miracles take place. More than once parents have been told their child will never develop further yet months and years later the children are crawling or even walking. This is an incredible project and has seen so many success stories since it started. It is incredible to see the development in these children as their parents and guardians continue with the exercises, stretching, massage, positioning and techniques they learn from the therapist.

It is also a social time for parents and their children. There is a lovely sense of “family” in this group and such encouragement and praise for all the children as they make improvements and reach another goal in their development.