Isiphephelo Kids and Youth

Since Isibani opened we have seen an increasing need for projects to cater for children and local youth; to respond to that need we set up a dedicated child and youth care project known as “Isiphephelo”.

The number of projects we offer has also increased a lot over the past few years. It is a cliché but also true to say that children are our future and we have a responsibility to invest in them and their education.

Isiphephelo means “refuge” in Zulu and we hope that is exactly what we are – a place where children can feel safe and loved. We hope that through the range of projects we offer we are able to provide for the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of the children we meet.

Isiphephelo became a project in its own right in 2012, taking over all the child and youth care projects previously run by Isibani. Although the projects fall under a different name now a lot of them still run from the Isibani community centre and the two organisations work very closely together.

The flagship programme of Isiphephelo is the place of safety, this is a home for abandoned, neglected or vulnerable children who need temporary but full time care.  This project was made possible by the incredible support of Tomorrow4Isibani, a Belgium based charity who fundraise purely to support the work of Isibani and Isiphephelo.  It was with funds from Tomorrow4Isibani that the baby day care was first started.

Tomorrow4Isibani is in turn supported by a large number of regular monthly donors as well as Antwerp Dinner whose generosity has enabled so many of our project dreams to become a reality.  See for more information.

We work in partnership with the South African Department of Social Development.

Our vision: Healed Communities.

Our mission: To provide refuge today for tomorrow’s leaders.

Our objectives:

  • To provide a place of safety to children as they transition from an unsafe or neglectful situation into a Permanent and healthy home environment;
  • To identify, train, support and monitor foster care homes in local communities as part of a cluster foster care scheme;
  • To conduct preventative training in the community and to equip the community to respond to the needs of abused and/or neglected children;
  • To manage, administrate, monitor and finance the organization effectively.

Some of the Isiphephelo projects include:

Camps – where young people spend a few days away from home learning life skills and having lots of fun!

Holiday club – providing games, learning, food and fun during the school holidays

Play group – a forum for abused and vulnerable children to come together for love and support

Life orientation – a life skills training programme running periodically

Place of safety – temporary home for abused, neglected, abandoned and vulnerable children

Awareness – visiting schools and local communities we teach about sexual abuse and what to do if it happens to you or someone you know

Drop In – the children who come regularly to our centre are often neglected or come from a destructive family background. These children often just come for a chat, a sandwich or to join the weekly play group where they meet other children and play and sing together.

For more about these projects see the separate tabs on the Isiphephelo Kids and Youth drop down menu.