Holiday Club

School holidays sometimes seem to be too long – especially for the kids living in our local township, Khethani; these kids come from families who often cannot afford any special day trips or other fun activities. In many cases the adults in the family continue their days as normal leaving the children to amuse themselves. In an attempt to keep some of the Primary School age children amused and out of trouble (as well as offering lots of FUN!) Isibani offers a Holiday Club during the first week of each of the school holidays.

With volunteer helpers we facilitate between four and five different workshops such as singing, arts and crafts, dancing, drama, outside games, reading, juggling etc. The activities offered always depend on the volunteers at the holiday club as we rely on the volunteers to organize and run their own workshops. Divided into age groups, the kids take turns to attend each activity every day. The last day finishes with a presentation of what the kids have been doing during the week and a party with lots of singing and dancing.

All the kids come together for meals where they sing and pray together before eating. With the support of local supermarkets and other donors we are able to provide breakfast and lunch for all the children and helpers. While giving out the food it is easy to see how important it is to have many pairs of helping hands. With the support of the regular Isibani team and other young people from the community it is possible to organize these holiday clubs.

The first holiday club took place in 2012 and was created and run by German volunteers; since then subsequent German volunteers have continued to organize these clubs. It can be difficult to coordinate up to 150 children plus volunteers but even when things appears to be in chaos, the main goal is always reached: Having fun with the children.

As the children leave on the last day we can always be sure that we will be seeing them again during the next school holidays.