Our team is a multicultural mix of local and overseas volunteers who all have a heart for helping the people in our community.

The local volunteers mostly come from the same community that we work in. This allows us to have close contact with our clients and also be present to the people; since our volunteers live as part of the community they are able to highlight community needs and community members can feel comfortable sharing their issues with our volunteers knowing they have the same cultural background.

For the last few years we have had two German Volunteers, both staying for 12 months to work with us at our centre. We have also had other volunteers from Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Australia, America, Switzerland and from South Africa of course.

Our team likes socializing so we start each morning with a morning meeting to plan the day and co-ordinate who needs to be where. After the meeting, we sing together. Therefore, we ask that every new volunteer contributes two new songs to our Isibani Songbook – we like to expand our collection of songs.

The work of Isibani would simply not be possible without the support of past and present volunteers so Thank You to all of you – you know who you are.


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