My name is Ncamisile Mashinini, I am 32 years old. My country is South Africa, my capital city is Pretoria, and my town is Bergville in the center of KwaZulu-Natal next to the Drakensberg.

I am working at the child and youth care project Isiphephelo/ Place of Safety. I am working there as an administrator.

My job description is:

  • Management of all cases under Isiphephelo including court date, home visit, counseling and doctor appointments, keeping records and all necessary paperwork.
  • Supervision of, establishing and managing foster care sites
  • Partnership with SAPA and DSD officials regarding cases and the security or health of children
  • Planning and participating in awareness campaigns
  • Maintaining complete records of all cases
  • Support backup role at Isiphephelo for house mum with children
  • Liaison between Isiphephelo staff and management committee
  • Ensuring all documentation for DSD and Isiphephelo place of safety are complete and up to date.

I have started working at Isiphephelo in September 2013.

About me:

  • My strength is that I never give up until my dream is fullfilled.
  • My weak point is that I get upset fast but also forgive fast so other people are using me.
  • I like to work at Isiphephelo because this place shows the vulnerable, neglected and abused children that there are other people who love them and that not everybody hates them. I like this place because it is teaching the children how they can live in the future without always thinking about the incident that happened to them. I like to see how good relationships can be built with different children coming from different homes and different problems and how they end up as a family.
  • My vision is that I want to see this place as a permanent home as those children have no family, they often stay here long term because of their condition and the children keep saying there is no other place who will give us love except here.
  • My family: I have one beautiful daughter, she is 14 years old but soon I’m expecting to have another baby.
  • I have a handsome fiance.
  • My slogan is: “Live your life and stick to it, don’t wear a mask”


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