My name is Julia Goebelt, I am 19 years old and I come from Freiberg, a village near Stuttgart. After I finished school in 2014, I decided to spend a year far away from home, where I can help in a community project.

Since August 2014 I am staying here at the Isibani Community Centre as a volunteer. I want to be a part of the community and can help those people, who need help. Furthermore I want to learn something about the South African culture and only because of the support of the German organization, FSD I have the chance to spend such a nice time here in South Africa.

I am based on different projects: The most time I spend in the Crèche and the Baby Day Care. There I often play with the children, which also include, to lead in the morning a teaching lesson. I like working with children really much. I’m also going to Home visits to help there, moreover I help at the Place of Safety.

To work at Isibani is really nice, you can realize your own ideas, the team is always really friendly and the work is really varied. This place is for everyone who needs help and everyone is welcomed here. I hope, Isibani will not changed, because everyone feels welcome here and can come to our community.


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