Thomas Family

Roz, Andy & Jonah Thomas moved to the area from the UK in 2006 and stayed until 2010. They initially lived for 6 months in Loskop at a home for children affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. They moved to a house on the Stockil Farm outside Winterton later.

Being a qualified physiotherapist, Roz often went out with Sofi to rural areas to visit children and adults with physical disabilities. Roz was able to give them advice and exercises to help them, but had to improvise within their home environment. Having Isibani as a central community space led to the idea of setting up a monthly Special Needs Day for these people to attend and get regular check ups from qualified medical staff. Roz applied for an International grant from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) in the UK, and was successful. This money went towards equipping the rooms with basic physiotherapy equipment and books.

As well as this, Roz was part of organising the ‘Tapestry of Dreams’ project – see the video clip:

Raising awareness for the work of the Isibani Centre, Roz also helped on the ‘Amangwe Zulu Craft’ project based in Loskop and was a part of the churches together group Simunye.

Andy undertook a Doctorate in Practical Theology through UNISA over the 4 years they lived in the area.

Now back in the UK with 3 kids, Roz works as a physiotherapist and Andy works for a church part time and as the training manager for South West Youth Ministries (SWYM).


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