My name is Sandile Lucky Mzolo. I am 35 years old, born in Bergville a village in Kwazulu Natal, I am a volunteer at Isibani Community Centre at the help desk.
I started volunteering in June 2010 at Isibani because of the incredible work Isibani is doing. Isibani is bringing the light to our Community, especially to those who can’t help themselves due to health problems or with the application of their Identity books and Birth Certificates.
My vision is to see all children get love and support. If we as a Nation are failing to do that, where must these children go to?

I have 5 siblings, my late 2 brothers and my late sister. We were raised by a single parent. My mom was the disciplinarian in the family, she was an incredibly strong women and our beacon of light. Unfortunately, in 1990 she passed away due to a car accident, what made the situation very difficult. I left school in grade 9 to look for work and to be able to support my siblings.

I am on the Help desk because I live with a disability: I am in a wheelchair.

I am engaged to a beautiful lady. God had blessed me with 8 children: 5 beautiful girls and 3 handsome boys.

“Maybe tomorrow never comes”. We are living in a borrowed time – there is no short cut in life. I dedicate this slogan to all the youth in the World.


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