Hello, my name is Sandra and I am 27 years old. I come from Cologne in Germany. In September 2011 I came to South Africa to complete my Volunteer year at Isibani Community Centre. I remember I was super excited to come back to this place where I had already volunteered for a few weeks exactly one year before. So I had a small idea what to expect after I finished my degree in Media Design.

During my volunteer year I got the chance to get to know the local Zulu Community in particular the community here in the local township, Khethani. It was so wonderful to see how the whole team which consists of a mix of local Volunteers and “overseas“ volunteers from all over the world are willing to give their hearts for these people who need support in their daily struggle of life.

So while I was involved in all these great programs and many more for a year I really enjoyed my time that I didn’t really realize how fast the time was running. It was so great that I decided it’s too early for me to leave this wonderful place where so much is possible. I decided to come back after I finished my volunteer program.

Even though the time is running a bit differently and slower than I was used to in Germany, things in South Africa can just change like that over night. I had just been back for a few weeks at Isibani after I was asked if I would like to take over the day to day management of the centre. And that’s what I am doing since then. I really enjoy the challenge of working with people from different cultural backrounds and bringing people together who see the world in totally different ways. Most of the time I spend with setting up systems and encouraging people in what they doing to serve our community in the best way we can help.

South Africa is a life challenge when you from another country which seems to be another world but it’s great to be here!

My personal slogan is:
“Give every day the chance to become the best of your life: take your time to live, dance in the rain, smell the spring, realize your dreams, meet with friends, to learn something new, do something unexpected, visit special places, for the people you really love, or just do nothing for some time, laugh from the bottom of your heart, value the moment, ignore the pain, live, laugh, love, forgiving and forgetting, life is too short to regret!”


2 thoughts on “Sandra

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  2. Hey Sandra,
    ich hoffe Dir geht es gut. Habe heute deine Mutter getroffen und als ich nach dir gefragt habe und sie mir von deinem Afrikaaufenthalt erzählte, dachte ich mir da schreibe ich dir mal und hinterlasse ein kleines “Hallöchen aus Kölle” ;).

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