My name is Sindy Mazibuko, 34 years old, living at Amaswazi village (Winterton) with my 2 children and their father and I was born there.

I am working at Isibani in the health department, doing home visits for those who need support. I help with VCT (HIV testing), assisting pharmacists when giving out medication which happens 4 times a month, we also have clients who come in e.g. first aid.

I trained for 2 years to be a nurse, at the moment I am waiting for the results which I believe will be good. That will allow me to be able to do more than I am doing right now (as I will be an enrolled nurse). I started to work at Isibani in 2008, that time we had no offices till 2009 (when we got the centre).

My vision about Isibani is to see it growing bigger i.e. running a permanent clinic that would assist most vulnerable people to get aid close to their home. Most of them have no money to go to hospital. It would be great to see them able to take care of themselves without spending a lot of money. I would also like to further my studies as we know it is the key of life.

I chose to be part of Isibani because I believe that it can change people’s life and the way people think about some diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

I am a lady of people as I am always listening, advising and encouraging others and I like others to listen to me, advise me and encourage me.

Slogan: “We are the light of the world; let people see it so that they can get it”



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