Hi, my name is Vuyiswa Mthethwa and I am 23 years old. My role/ job description is that I help out with the children’s play group and the support group at the Place of Safety. I am also currently involved in the Crèche to help children learn and improve their skills of their early childhood development and I am also working with my community primary school to help the little children to improve their learning skills.

I’m from Winterton, KZN, South Africa.

My strengths are: no matter what the circumstances of the challenge is, I strive for the best because I believe challenges are to make you stronger.

My weakness is that I care too much and at some point I had to endure very bad consequences. The reason why I am a volunteer is that I love helping people, I like to serve my community with passion and pride. I believe if I don’t try to make a difference in my community who will? I would like to be a good influence to the others. I want to be a good leader through leading by example, by practicing what I preach.

My vision: I would like to see the youth from my community have a good direction towards life and I would like to help them beginning those baby steps towards life. Also, I would like to help the little children in my community to blow the whistle against child abuse and rape. I would like to see them happy because I believe children should not be hurt.

About my family: I come from a family of seven – my parents, two brothers, one sister, a nephew and I have a son. I began to volunteer at Isibani at the beginning of May 2014.

My personal slogan is: “Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom” because I believe failure does not mean you are a failure but it is a stepping stone to greatness.



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