Xoli I am Xolile Protective Khoza, I’m 32 years old with 1 male child who is 17 years old. I am light brown in complexion and I’m fat and short with long black hair. I am living in Ladysmith at Ezakheni Township at St Chards location here in KwaZulu Natal. I am working as a Social Auxiliary worker at Isiphephelo Child and Youth Care Centre since the 1st of June 2012.

I am living with my granny, stepmum, my older brother who is 42 years, my son, my two brother’s female children 17 years old and one boy of 6 years. I also have another brother on my mother’s side that is 26 years old but staying with his father, we only sharing a mother and have different fathers. Both my parents passed away, my father passed on 2012 and my mother passed on 1998. I also have my extended family members; 6 aunts, 2 uncles, 40 cousins and their uncountable children who stay in Ladysmith in their homes.

My strengths are that I am organised, cool, calm and collected, I can manage myself, family and work properly, I can network with people, have good communication in relationships, I’m self confident and self disciplined. I can also relate well with all sorts of people, I’m friendly, hardworking, creative, responsible, I’m open, I enjoy facilitation and I’m good with it, I love children a lot and so on.

My weak points are: Once I started something I want to finish it fast, if not I panic, I hate standing on the queue, long meetings, writing must have a certain time, not every day, I struggle studying on my own, I prefer a lecture in front of me then I won’t forget that thing, I hate sitting on the same spot for a long time e.g. office etc, I sometimes need mingle and talk with people.

My slogan is that:

“I won’t be moved by what I see, feel and hear, I will only be moved by the Word of God!”


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