Charity Shop

Whether it is trousers, towels or an old tie you are looking for you may well find it in the Charity Shop. Here second hand clothes and household items are sold at low prices. Because everything we sell has been donated the range of goods always varies which means that sometimes there may be crockery and sometimes not. One day we may have abundance of high heels and the next week none …

When we first opened the shop we were looking for shop fittings and found an advert on the internet, the seller asked what we planned to do with them and we explained our plans to start a charity shop and he decided to donate them rather than sell them so literally everything in the shop has been donated !!

As donations are received they have to be sorted: Basics like jerseys or plain shirts are kept in the distribution area together with children’s clothes and shoes. This is to give out clothes and shoes to needy people or for handing out in emergencies e.g. when homes are destroyed by fire or flood. We also support mothers with babies’ clothes and keep a stock of clothes for the children who pass through the Place of Safety.

Everything else can be sold in the shop which is open every Monday and Thursday from 1pm to 3pm. The prices are very low so that it is possible for many people to afford to buy in the shop. The money made by the shop is all invested back into the community centre and has previously been used to buy school uniforms for children whose families cannot afford to buy for them. All children need a uniform before they are allowed to attend school.

We appreciate all the donations we get because there is a huge need in the community. If you would like to donate something feel free to drop it off at the centre at any time. We take everything but just ask that it is in reasonable condition and for electrical goods that they are in working order. Otherwise it doesn’t matter if you are donating clothes, shoes, toys, bedding or other household items.

For larger donations of beds or lounge suites please call us and we may be able to collect from you.

Thank you!