About Us

Isibani, meaning “bring the light” in Zulu, is a community centre based in Winterton in the Central Drakensberg area of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa.  The central location in Winterton offers easy access to a large community.

Originally a primary school, the site had been unused for a number of years when Isibani took it over. There was some building work and renovation needed to bring the site into a satisfactory condition but since then the centre has been able to provide a base to support its many projects, both on-site and within the community.

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Services at our Isibani Community Centre

Isibani offers a variety of services including food and clothing distribution, home based care, assistance with welfare issues, child and youth projects, emergency help, HIV testing and counseling as well as therapy and support for those with special needs.

Winterton is a rural area and it can be difficult for people to access essential services so Isibani aims to bridge the gap between the needs of the community and the services the Government is able to offer. The local township, Khethani, houses several thousand people and there are many more living on farms in the surrounding area.

Due to high unemployment and the impact of HIV/AIDS many families live in poverty and the vision of Isibani is to alleviate suffering and to help to develop sustainable communities.

Our Vision

To be a guiding light through the darkness


To respond to the needs identified by and with the community and to bridge the gap between the grassroots needs and the services the Government can offer.
To offer services in partnership with the Government.


To assist in the delivery of the highest level of health care to people who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and TB.
To provide support to people facing crisis.
To assist in personal development and education.
To provide support, advice and expertise to anyone with mental or physical disabilities.
To provide support and services to vulnerable groups.