Place of Safety statistics


We bought the house in August 2012 and started renovations shortly afterwards.


Our first house mum (Zama) moved into the home in mid February 2013 and by the end of February we had our first children staying at the place of safety.

Total number of children admitted into the Place of Safety in 2013 = 21

5 are still staying at the place of safety

9 moved onto immediate or extended family members

1 went to another place of safety

6 went to children’s homes (orphanages), two siblings who came to the place of safety in May 2013 were adopted in June 2014

PoS stats


During 2014 we admitted 23 children aged from just a few months to 12 years old.

Of the 23, there were 20 girls and just 3 boys of which 2 came with female siblings.

16 were since reunited with family members and 4 were placed in children’s homes.

3 are still with us as at February 2015.

The average stay was 126 days with the longest stay being 256 days and the shortest only 1 day.

January 2015

We admitted 8 children with ages ranging from 8 months to 14 years,  7 girls and 1 boy.  We are still working alongside Government social workers to find placements for these children.


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