My name is Nora Osterhus and I’m 18 years old. I’m living in Schwarme, a small village near Bremen. Right now I’m spending a year here at the Isibani Community Centre as a German volunteer. I started working here in August 2014 and I will stay until August 2015.

After I finished school I decided to change my point of view of the world through going to South Africa and make a lot of new experiences here. Furthermore I want to help the people here and to learn something about their culture and way of living. Nevertheless I also love to bring some new ideas from my own culture.
Through the support of the Christian organisation ELM I have the great opportunity of spending a year of my life here.

During this year I am based at Isiphephelo. There I help the housemoms with nearly everything that is needed. So I am playing with the children, doing homework with them, bringing them to bed and make them ready for school. As a result I’m trying to help the children to get settled again and like the whole Place of Safety I’m trying to create a new, lovely home for these children. Because I like working with children and helping I’m also working in the Charity Shop and helping in the Crèche and Baby Day Care.

I pretty much enjoy working at Isibani because it is so varied and there is always a new challenge to face. The Isibani team is at all times friendly and helps the people, wherever they need help. I really hope that they will keep their nice and warm manner to keep this place that open-minded that everyone feels welcome here.


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