Why I like to Volunteer at isibani Community Centre

Isibani is the source of light that lightens the whole environment with bright colours of hope, love, patient, caring, encouragement etc.

Isibani is available for about 11,000 people in Khethani including the nearby farms. I am a resident of Khethani which is a community which has a lot of needs. I am working at Isibani community centre as a volunteer, I started on the 17th of march 2014. My working hours are 8am until 4pm.

I like Isibani Community Centre because it is a pillar of strength for the community. It helps the community with different situations they find themselves in. It offers a variety of services e.g. Matthew 25 this is the project that helps the community with food especially people who can’t work because of their health. Isibani also does home visits – we do new visits and do follow ups to the clients who were attended before. On every Monday we dispense the medication like ARVs and chronic medication for the clients who can’t afford to go to the hospital and pick their medication. We also have a VCT service where clients can get tested for HIV. Physio &Occupational therapy is offered for those who have disabilities, they come once a month to exercise. Isibani offers transport to people who are far.

I chose to volunteer at Isibani because I realised that they have the same vision as mine; to uplift those who are weak and have needs. I like to transform the community from darkness to light and I believe that Isibani is there to bring the light to the people. And all the people who did volunteer at Isibani before me, their lives has changed. Isibani has opened doors for them in an amazing way. What I have learnt so far is to communicate with different people, socialize with people and upgrade them.

Isibani opened my eyes, it make me realise that I chose the opposite career with my personality and humility. In 2011 I studied BSc chemistry, in 2012 I studied to be an electrical engineer and then I came to Isibani and I realise that the previous studies are not fitting with my personality. I want to help the community so I must study what collaborates with community development.

To other people volunteerism is difficult because you don’t earn a big salary but I chose to volunteer at Isibani because I wanted to develop my experience, gain more skills and develop the skills that I have within me. Also to develop the community.

I’m very grateful to get this opportunity so I can improve my knowledge and skills.

Thandeka Yende


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